The Hindus: an alternative history / Wendy Doniger. p. cm. Includes Since there are so many books about Hinduism, the author of yet another one has a duty. The Hindus - An Alternative History by Wendy Doniger Penguin Books | November | ISBN X | ePUB/PDF | / mb. Wendy Doniger, On Hinduism, Aleph Book Company, , pp. xvii + religion and society, I have carefully read Doniger's works on Siva mythology in.

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Fight back and Take back Wendy Doniger's valuable book taken away from you by a spineless publisher and the fundamentalists they made a. In this magisterial volume of essays, Wendy Doniger enhances our understanding of the ancient and complex religion to which she has. Objectionable passages from Wendy Doniger's second book 'On Hinduism' - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Page A Hindu who didnt like kama Refused to take off his pajama, When his brides lustful finger Reached out for his linga He jumped up and ran home to Mama. Page So, friar bhiksho , I see you have a taste for meat Not that its any good without some wine. You like wine too, then?

Better when I dine With pretty harlots, surely such girls eat No end of money, Well, I steal, you see, Or win at dance, A thief and gambler. Why, certainly, What else is there to do? Arent you aware Im vowed to poverty? In anger, Brahma cursed Vishnu: You will be deluded and your devotees will have the appearance of Brahmins, but they will be against the Vedas and the true path to release.

They will be Tantric Brahmins, initiated into the Pancharatra, ever averse to the Vedas, law-books and the proper rituals that give release.

The real reason Wendy Doniger’s book on Hindus was banned in India: It’s not boring enough

Page Reviles himself just enough to make Himalaya lose his pure devotion and remain on earth. Formerly, all creatures were virtuous, and by themselves they obtained divinity. Therefore the gods became worried, and so Brahma created women in order to delude men.

Now women, formerly virtuous, became wicked witches by the will of Brahma, who filled them with wanton desires that they in turn inspired in men. He created anger, and henceforth all creatures were born in the power of desire and anger.

Here, as so often in Hindu mythology, women are the root of evil, though in this case, not through their own fault.

Page 68 Even Queen Vicotira Found a place in the Hindu pantheon; when a plague broke out in Bombay just after her statue had been insulted, certain pious Hindus believed that the disease was the revenge inflicted by her as insulted divinity Page Yogis also posed sexual threats, through an ancient Hindu belief in the crotic powers, of yogis, along a spectrum from genuine ascetics, who were said to be able to use their unspent sexual powers to bless infertile women and thus make them fertile, to false ascetics, who were said to use their status as yogis as mask through which to gain illicit access to women.

Page Indians shamefacedly agreed; Indian children in Gandhis days used to chant a popular poem: The playing fields of Eton had made the English frightfully brave, as Noel Coward pointed out , but so had a regimen of exercise that they now imported into India.

Page since yoga was often associated with sex in India and came to be Page The concept of tolerance in the positive sense is a product of the Western Enlightenment. Yet, just because Hindus do not have a word for it does not mean that they do not have a set of intellectual concepts that might approximate the Western concept of tolerance.

Page Classical Hindu India was violent in its politics war being the raison detre of every king , in its religious practices animal sacrifice, ascetic self-torture, fire-walking, swinging from hooks in the flesh of the back, and so forth , in its criminal law impaling on stakes and the amputation of limbs being prescribed punishment for relatively minor offences , in its hells cunningly and sadistically contrived to make the punishment fir the crime and, perhaps at the very heart of it all, in its climate, with its unendurable heat and unpredictable monsoons.

Page- Swami Vivekanand claimed, wrongly, that India is the only country where there never has been a religious persecution.

Page- Shortly after Partition, a member of the fundamentalist and anti-Muslim Hindu associations, the RSS, remarked that, since Hindus are, as it well-known, the most tolerant people in the world, they deserve to have the land of India to themselves, and, therefore, the less tolerant Muslims should be disenfranchised.

On the lighter side, the widening gap between the tolerant scriptures and the intolerant interpretation of them was evinced in India Today in Page- These same political and economic factors, inflamed and perhaps manipulated by the rhetoric of religious intolerance, resurfaced to demolish Baburs mosque in Ayodhya in , to inspire the killing of Sikhs in Delhi in and of Muslims in Gujarat in , and to exacerbate the extreme suspicion and hatred.

Page- Yet here, too, we must curb our optimism by noting that bhakti did not overthrow the caste system and that it was in the name of bhakti to Rama that the militant Hindus tore down Baburs mosque.

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Page The accurate historical account would illustrate the Sanghs complacency with British rule in the years leading up to Partition.

Page Placing the Ramayana in its historical contexts demonstrates that it is an epic poem created by human authors who lived various times.

Objectionable passages from Wendy Doniger's second book 'On Hinduism'. Shiksha Bachao Andolan. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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This is not Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus – An Alternative History

Click here to sign up.But Shiva reassured her that a woman is purified every month with her menses and therefore there would be no lapse from dharma in her case, since she had asked repeatedly for a husband. But I will never have anything to do with any man but Rama. Thats what it must be.

Nishat Singh. It makes for harder reading for that reason. These are important and legitimate points but excessive all the same.

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