Oct 26, BEL Engineer Previous Papers available in pdf format. BEL Electronics & Communication Engineering Previous Papers with Solutions. On our site, The BEL Previous Papers are given in pdf format. So, the candidates Model papers. Electronics and Communication Test papers for BEL Exam. BEL question papers for electronics and communication pdf and.

Bel Previous Papers For Electronics And Communication Pdf

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BEL Previous Papers For Electronics And Communication pdf: Bharat Electronics Limited is recently released the notification for the Probationary Engineer in. BEL PE Question Papers for ECE with Answers - 6 ~ Knowledge Adda Download PDF File - Click Here . Electronics And Communication Engineering . Nov 5, 1 BEL Contract Engineer Previous Year Question Papers Get BEL Contract Engineer Question Papers PDF BEL(Bharat Electronics Limited) Published a notification for Contract Engineer Vacancies Jobs.

Photo emissive c. Photo voltaic d. Photo resistive A typical fibre-optic detector is a. Step recovery diode b. Light emitting diode c. Avalanche photo diode d. Field effect transistor A modem is a device used for a. Digitizing voice data b. Transmission of data on lines c. Modulating and demodulating signals sent on a line d. Suppressing noise interference The most effective anti-jamming technique is a.

Frequency hopping b. Spread Spectrum c. Frequency synthesis d. Burst transmission Mono-mode is a term used in a.

Fibre-optics b. Radar c. Satellite communication d. Magnetics Monopulse technique is used in a. Radar b. Radio relay Your Money Adda http: Data communication d. Fibre-optics HDLC is a term for a. Data communication protocol b.

bel previous year question papers for electronics and communication

Synchronizing pulses c. Gain control in receivers d. Error checking A gateway a. Is a place where radars are connected b.

Permits dissimilar networks to communicate c. Bifurcates the RF path of a transmitter d. Is a feeder cable Ethernet is a name of a. Medium of computer communication b. Network for computer communication c.

Procedures for computer communication network d. Software for computer communication If several stations in a network want to use a single channel without interfering with one another, the technique used is called a.

Carrier sense b. Phantom-freeze c. Packet switching d. Multiplexing In a monolithic IC, resistors are formed from a. Ceramic materials b. Copper c. P-type semiconductor d.

Aluminium deposition ICs made by sputtering of materials on a ceramic substrate are called a. Monolithic b. Hybrid c. Thick film d. Thin film Two coils inductors connected in series have a combined inductance of 15mH.

When terminals of one of the coils are reversed and connected to the other, the combined inductance is measured to be 9mH. What is the value of mutual inductance a. If a parallel LC circuit is excited at frequency less than its resonant frequency, the nature of its effective impedance is a.

Resistive b. Inductive c. Capacitive d. None of these of these The wave length of 1 Giga hertz frequency signal is a. Which of the following microwave tubes can be considered as broad band devices a. Magnetrons b.

Klystrons c. Reflex klystrons d. Traveling wave tubes[TWT] Which family of the following integrated circuits has the highest speed a. DTL b. ECL c.

BEL model question papers for electronics engineering

TTL d. CMOS High speed b. Small size c. Low power consumption d. Low input impedance The pulse width of a radar transmitter is 0. The average power measured is watts.

What is the peak power a. The device used for isolating the transmitter and receiver in a radar system is called a. Diplexer b. Duplexer c.

Bharat Electronics Limited Syllabus 2019 & Exam Pattern

Directional coupler d. Total No. Reciprocal of shortest signal element in a character c. Duration of a character in data transmission d.

Low output impedance b. Can sink more current c. Oscillations avoided d.

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The capacitance value of a varactor is controlled by a. A series resistance c. Varying its supply voltage d. Current through the device Electron volt is equivalent to a. The kinetic energy of photo electrons emitted by a photo sensitive surface depends on a. Intensity of the incident radiation b. Wavelength of the incident radiation c. Angle of incident of radiation d. Surface conditions of the surface Flux is expressed in radio-metric system in a. Lumens b. Photons c.

Watts d. Candles In a three-phase bridge rectifier circuit, the ripple frequency is a. Same as line frequency b. Twice the line frequency c.

Thrice the line frequency d. Six times the line frequency Energy stored in a capacitor as a function of voltage is given by a. CV2 b. The operational amplifier used in analog computers have usually open loop flat gain approximately upto a.

An oscillator of MHz is fed with a pulse of rise time 2 n sec.

BEL model question papers for electronics engineering

The rise time of the displayed waveform is approximately a. Kashyap: Now a days, companies are hiring lesser number of Electronics and Communication Engineers, you find more number of jobless Electronics and Communication Engineers as compared to Engineers of other branches.

Since PSU option is limited M. Tech is major option. To get into IIT, a candidate might be facing interview too. PSU interview will be intense and they would be looking for your practical and analytical skills along with theoretical knowledge. Is it possible for a working professional prepare and crack GATE? Kashyap: Student should study in sessions of 3 or 4 hours.

One session in morning and another session in night are sufficient. One should try to make a group of 3 to 4 GATE aspirants of same stream because group study is very helpful. Careers How would you rate the importance of Mock Tests? How should a student plan to check his status using mock examinations? Kashyap: Mock tests are self assessment tests, these tests will help the students to identify the weak areas, and student can improve their performance by rectifying weak points.

Floyd Electromagnetics — Elements of Electromagnetics by M. Sadiku Engineering Maths — B. GATE has specified syllabus clearly and planning should be done accordingly. Previous year question is a must. So English part should be worked a bit to score well. I wish good luck to all the GATE aspirants. Images in Application Form!

There Acknow Dhole Patil — Whatever you are writing on our resume should be appropriate. On the stub. Ethernet is a name of.

Medium of computer communication. Network for computer communication. Procedures for computer communication network. Software for computer communication. See Also: Indian Geography by Majid Hussain free download pdf. Indian Economy important questions and answers asked in the previous competitive exams.

Share This: No comments: Subscribe to:ROM c. Check the BEL Dy. The quality and noise b. Silver does not tarnish 3. Get the previous year question paper for the preparation of BEL.